Toptree Initiative - Paper makes trees. Planting trees in UK woodland

To date, the Toptree Initiative is responsible for adding over 100,000 new broadleaf deciduous trees to woodlands in the UK.

By using Toptree supporting paper, you can help us add even more...

Paper makes trees...

Toptree plants trees to replace the trees used to make paper.

Toptree plants twice as many trees in the UK as were originally used to make the paper products that carry the Toptree logo. All Toptree supported products are made from paper sourced from sustainably maintained forests. Many companies try to reduce their environmental impact by reducing their paper usage and using recycled paper. However, with the environmental challenges we face today, conservation is not enough. We need restoration. The Toptree Initiative plants trees in the UK in conjunction with the Woodland Trust to regenerate UK woodland for all to enjoy.

If you want to help plant even more trees, just enter the code number that you have received on a Toptree supported product in the box provided. For every 10 codes received, Toptree will plant an additional tree. You do not need to include any contact information, but if you do, we can update you with further information and offers related to The Toptree Initiative.

Remember, the Toptree supported product already guarantees that twice as many trees are planted as were used to make the paper, so any trees that you help to plant are extra.

Toptree supporting products and services: