Toptree Initiative - Paper makes trees. Planting trees in UK woodland

Urban Green

About Urban Green

Urban Green is a new initiative launched by Velopost to increase the number of indigenous trees in the cities and towns of the UK, including yours.

This is a major development in The Toptree programme, which, in association with the Woodland Trust, has been responsible for the introduction of more than 85,000 trees into Woodland Trust sites around the UK since 1997.

Our aim is to work with local businesses and local people to plant 1000 trees in cities we operate in by the end of 2014.

Trees don’t just make the city a bit greener. They absorb pollution, help prevent flooding, keep cities cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and have even been proven to make people feel happier and less anxious!




Fossil fuel free local postal service - reducing the financial and environmental cost of sending letters!

Using our fleet of bicycles, the Velopost team collects and delivers mail for local businesses, health centres, organisations and offices sending out letters to the local area.

Our Nissan Leaf electric car, powered from renewable sources, allows us to connect our sites across Bristol and Bath. We simplify the postal process by handling mail at a local scale. This saves time and money, as well as preventing the needless consumption of fossil fuels.

It makes sense to us, and to our customers.

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