Toptree Initiative - Paper makes trees. Planting trees in UK woodland


History of The Toptree Initiative

The Toptree Initiative launched at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew on the 15th January 1997 was the first environmental campaign that allowed businesses to replace the paper resources that they had used.

Toptree was initailly supported by products produced by CFH including Toplist (stock listing paper), Topform (bespoke business forms), Topcheque (printed security cheques) and Bi-Millennium interactive direct mail documents.  Tokens were placed within the boxes of these products for businesses and individuals to collect. For every 100 tokens returned, CFH had one tree planted by the Woodland Trust. The customer was able to select from ten Toptree planting sites across the UK, and each received a personalised certificate and details to commemorate their planting.

Seventeen years on, and by sourcing toptree supported products from CFH ( or online via Docmail (, you can still help Toptree plant even more trees around the UK in areas that are open to the public, for future generations to enjoy.