Toptree Initiative - Paper makes trees. Planting trees in UK woodland

how it works

How does it work?

The Toptree Initiative enables organisations and individuals to contribute to the UK environment every time they use a piece of paper.

Toptree paper

Paper used to make Toptree supported products comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition to this, Toptree ensures that additional trees are also planted in the UK by the Woodland Trust. Toptree plants twice as many trees as were used to make the paper in the first place.

Toptree Logo

Each Toptree supported product shows the Toptree logo along with directions to the Toptree web site ( and a code number. For every ten code numbers submitted at the web site, Toptree will plant an additional tree.

Toptree website

Visitors will have the opportunity to provide their contact information to Toptree, and those that do will be mailed a certificate of tree planting for every ten unique code numbers that they return.

Toptree trees!

So now companies, organisations and individuals can put more back into the environment than they take out!