Toptree Initiative - Paper makes trees. Planting trees in UK woodland

business benefits

What are the benefits?

The return of codes through the Toptree website offers a number of marketing and promotional opportunities to participating organisations such as;

More detailed analysis of respondents

Code numbers can be varied according to your organisations needs to provide a breakdown of respondents to different mailed documents, different time frames or to specific offers that you might make.

Corporate response

The response to visitors can be tailored to suit the corporate message that you wish to promote, either as an online message, or as an email message you send when they process a Toptree code.

Corporate certificates

A certificate is offered to any individual who has returned ten code numbers to have a tree planted. These certificates can be tailored to promote your organisation.

Market research

You can utilise the Toptree response mechanism to carry out your own market research on respondents.  We will configure a market research questionnaire to suit your requirements, incorporate it into the Toptree response mechanism, and feedback results to you in your desired format.


Your special environmental offers and initiatives can be promoted through the Toptree response mechanism.

Additional advertising

CFH Docmail will be very happy to help support your additional efforts to promote your involvement in The Toptree Initiative and encourage your clients to the Toptree website.

How do you get involved?

The basic requirement is simply to agree that the Toptree logo and message can appear on your envelope, or document, produced by CFH Docmail Ltd.

We work with customers who support The Toptree Initiative to help them reduce their paper usage by developing a digital document workflow, and only producing paper at the point of need.

We do ask new Toptree supporters if they will make a donation to the Woodland Trust when they first start. We are keen to promote additional sponsorship of The Woodland Trust and will be happy to introduce you to the relevant person.

We will advise you of any PR opportunities, and would ask for prompt review and approval of press releases.

We will be happy to talk to you about how you would like to use Toptree to offset your use of paper. To find out more please call Dave Broadway or Jon Marsh on:

01761 416311